10 Things You Should Know About Hiring a Luxury Car in London

Hiring a car gives you the freedom to go where you want in the UK and Europe whilst being comfortable throughout the entire ride.

Our guide helps you to understand the ins and outs of hiring a prestige car. This includes things related to fuel, contracts and insurance.

The best cars to hire in London

City Inter Rent is London’s most premier car rental firm and is the official partner of Hertz Dream Collection. They have an entire fleet of cars to choose from including the best models from brands such as Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW and Ferrari. Prices start from £115 per day. Call 020 3868 9458 to book.

Hire a luxury car in London with City Inter RentThe checklist that everybody needs:

  1. Read the contract thoroughly before making any solid deals. Ensure you ask questions about anything that you are not sure of.
  2. Check if there are any extra charges. This can often happen if you went through a broker and not directly through the firm.
  3. Read your insurance cover. You could potentially be liable for more than anticipated and even if you think everything is covered, often the window and tyres aren’t.
  4. Check for safety equipment and spare tyres. Make sure all needed equipment is present before taking the car away from the dealership.

Getting to grips with fuel costs

You should know that you will be charged for fuel when you hire a car. However, different companies with have varying policies about fuel costs and it is 100% worth finding out what you should expect from the company you choose. Find out more.

When picking the car up, we suggest asking them to make sure the tank is full. This means you must return it with the same amount of fuel it was given to you with. However, some companies may give it to you half full, either way you return it with what you were given. If not, you may be charged with re-fuelling fees. Calculate how much fuel you should pay.