Top Travel Tips!

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Sign up to privilege clubs offered by airlines – this is particularly useful if you plan to travel a lot with the same airline, as you can rack up fly miles and points that can be used towards upgrades, or free flights in the future, among other perks.

Utilise the online check in facility – it will save you time queuing at the airport as there are designated fast track queues for those who have checked in online already. You normally have the option to select your seat, which is a function I am particularly fond of. I’ve always been a window seat gal, but have recently discovered the joys of the aisle seat, and being able to stretch at least one leg out a little bit!

Check what you are allowed to bring with you on the plane – particularly if you plan on bringing liquid cosmetics, or any other form of liquid on board. Guidelines may vary between airports.

Pack your luggage – Don’t leave it to the last minute! Use this handy guide to what to pack when travelling so you don’t forget any essentials.

Travel insurance – don’t risk flying without it. Most travel insurance covers healthcare as well as contents cover, but some require additional cover for items such as phones, laptops and tablets, so search around for a policy that best suits you. Compare policies here.

Transport – Make sure you plan your journey to the airport. Take public transport or hire a car.

Before travelling to other countries such as Sydney it is good to plan places where you would like to go and things you would want to see and experience.

Doing things like climbing the Harbour Bridge, Floating above Camden Valley in a hot air balloon, touring Dharawal National Park and Exploring the Sydney Harbour in a Party Cruise Packages at Legend Cruises. These would be amazing things to experience while in another country so make sure you don’t miss out on them!


With the circulating air-conditioning on an aircraft, I always think that moisture is the key when it comes to flying. If I have time before I travel, I will use a moisturising hair mask, but if not I make sure I spritz my hair generously with a leave in conditioner before blowdrying, ahead of my flight.

Makeup – Make sure to pack miniature versions of your makeup so you can touch up your face during the flight or when you land. Semi permanent makeup like tattooed eyebrows, eyeliner or lip blush mean that you don’t have to worry about applying makeup every day – you’re ready to go! And no embarrassing smudges when you sleep. We love this semi permanent brow treatment.

Travel Products – There are a couple of products that are now my staples for travelling. They are small enough to not use up too much of the weight allowance, and work wonders on the plane. Going back to moisturising, I take this teeny tiny bottle from Clinique with me on flights as it is incredibly hydrating – just what the skin needs on a drying 7 hour journey. I will always accept one of the wipes that the air stewardesses offer (or bring a packet of my own face wipes), and as soon as I board the plane all of my makeup comes off, before applying this moisturiser all over my face. Vaseline, or your lip balm of choice, is another plane essential.


Anti-bacterial hand gel – thinking about how many people handle your passport/flight ticket alone prior to you boarding your plane is surely enough to give you an indication of just how essential anti-bac gel is when travelling. I carry this stuff around on a daily basis anyway in my handbag but at the airport it’s really handy to have. Seal it up in a clear plastic bag along with any cosmetic products, and you’re good to go.

Sleep mask – if you are on an over night flight, these can be so handy to have, particularly if the person next to you happens to have their reading light on whilst you’re trying to sleep! I know that Qatar Airways provide these for night/early morning flights, but in case your airline doesn’t, they weigh next to nothing so are so handy to pop in your hand luggage.


Do not rely on the in-flight entertainment – there is no guarantee that the system will be working, which was demonstrated on my most recent flight when several people around me couldn’t get the movies to load (cue plenty of moaning). You may end up on a flight with no movies to watch if you don’t come prepared with back up entertainment. Laptops, iPads, books, magazines – if it fits in your hand luggage, bring it along for the ride!

I also make sure my iPad is well stocked with plenty of freebie books on the iBooks app – an app any iPad owner should have in their lives!


Stay hydrated! – So, so important when flying. I would suggest buying as big a bottle of water as you can get away with carrying on board with you, and accepting any soft drinks offered to you throughout the flight by the cabin crew. Your skin will thank you.

Do You have any travel tips? Let us know!