Add a Bang to Your Party!

Have A Fireworks Display in Your Own Back Garden

Fireworks aren’t just for 5th November – buy fireworks online all year round and hold your own display whenever you want.

Fireworks are amazing for special events like weddings, birthdays and product launch parties.

Whatever your budget you can have a great fireworks show. You can buy fireworks individually if you’re having a small display or selection packs in various sizes for larger displays.

There are also public events around the country you can attend, particularly in London and Brighton around Bonfire Night.

Have a look at our Events page to see what’s going on.

Here are our top firework recommendations:

  1. Sparklers – great for kids and adults alike, everyone loves sparklers! They are also the easiest fireworks to handle as long as you are careful. We recommend wearing gloves while using sparklers and having a bucket of sand or water ready to dispose of them when finished.
  2. Fountains – fountain fireworks have that lovely crackling sound when they go off and some can shoot up to 6 metres in the air. They are really impressive and will have your guests watching in awe. Great for a grand finale!
  3. Catherine Wheels – A classic for any fireworks display, the catherine wheel is easy to set up and are suitable for any garden display. Once lit they rotate quickly shooting out streams of sparks and coloured flame.

Have you had your own fireowrks display? Send us a picture!

While fireworks are lots of fun, it is essential to keep everyone safe.

  • Make sure you read the instructions of your fireworks carefully and follow them exactly.
  • You can research health and safety guidelines for fireworks displays for some recommendations.

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